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Marius Persson Portræt

My name is Marius, and I have always been interested in the way products are visually presented in advertisements and how I, as a photographer, can get an image to sell. That has made it clear to me to specialise in still-life photography.

It is important to me to create the best solutions for my clients. Through close collaboration, I will always strive to create exclusive images to strengthen their brand and visual identity.

I am a young, detail-oriented photographer with a new perspective. In addition to having great respect for the tradition in the discipline, I dare to step away from the ordinary framework and be innovative to create the best results. I specialise in retouching the images myself, so I am always aware of the opportunities and challenges in the post-production process. I have high technical standards, am structured, solution-oriented and passionate about creating images that awaken the senses and leave lasting impressions.